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Old Cello

Very old violin bow "BAUSCH" cello viola fiddle 小提琴 ヴァイオリン Geigenbogen


old violin 4/4 geige viola cello fiddle label LEANDRO BISIACH


A Very Old Antique Highly Flamed Pernambuco Wood Cello Bow - French, German?


Old Cello Germany - Hopf - sound sample


Fine old German cello (ca. 1900)


A very fine, old certified French cello by Francois Barbe Pere, ca. 1835


A superb old certified German cello bow by C.W. Knopf, ca. 1825, EXCELLENT!


Old Antique Oskar E. Meinel Cello Bow


A very fine old Italian cello by Carcassi,Florence,1770


Old Antique Erich Steiner Cello Bow


A very fine old French cello bow made by Joseph Alfred Lamy, ca. 1900, SUPERB!


Old German Cello Bow Otto A. Hoyer a Parisier with a certificate of authenticity


old VIOLA Bratsche violin cello fiddle label STEFANO SCARAMPELLA


A fine old French certified cello bow by Nicolas Maline, c. 1845.


Master Cello Montagnana 1739 Sleeping Beauty Cello 200-y Old Spruce


#208 - Used/Old - 4/4 Pernambuco Cello Bow - Strong stick


Exceptional Sounding Cello Master Wang's Own Work 200-y Old Spruce No.W19


Louis Morizot Good Old French cello bow


1-P Back Amazing 7/8 Cello Master's Work Outstanding Sound 200-y Old Spruce


Old Cello Bow by Victor Fétique - Ch.Bazin - Raffin certified


Belgian model old color 3/4 cello bridge


Old Cello (Soloist/Professional Orchestra), model Andrea Amati by Alexandru Ozon




Amazing Old DAVIDOV COPY Of Cello European Wood!!!


Old Cello European made, model Guarneri by Alexandru Ozon


French old Cello bow Marc Laberte with J.F. Rafiin certificate


Old full size German? cello




Old Cello (Professional lev) model Montagnana-Sleeping Beauty by Alexandru Ozon


For restoration: Old 7/8 size cello


Old Cello Italian labeled: Farotto Celestino 1927 !!! Fine used cello ! !


Beautiful Old French CELLO - Rampal Certificate - Ready to play


Old European model Cello Stradivarius Davidov by Alexandru Ozon


Old Cello Italian labeled and stamped: Antoniazzi Romeo Cremonese 1920 ! ! !


A fine old cello bow by Roderich Paesold


A fine old Mirecourt cello 1900 and new Accord Case


A fine old Bohemian cello 1850 and new Accord Case


#303 - Used/Old - 4/4 Pernambuco Cello Bow - Strong stick - Well Blanced


ORIGINAL FRENCH!!! ALDRIC 1826 4/4 violin violon 小提琴 ヴァイオリン cello bratsche old


old growth Pernambuco violin viola cello bow stick stock wood blank Lucci graded


Beautiful & old octogonal Cellobow "Tourte" Bow for a Cello


4/4 violin Full hand made model antique old style nice sound W3


Copy old gamba SONG Maestro (6x8) strings 19 1/4"viola da gamba baryton #11866


#212 - Used/Old - 4/4 Pernambuco Cello Bow - Strong stick


A Very Old Antique Wooden German. style double bass bow