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Lecroy Oscilloscope

LeCroy WaveRunner 6030A 350MHz 5GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope and Factory Calibration


LeCroy LC574AL 1GHz Color Digital Oscilloscope


Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3034 350MHz 4GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope | Factory Warranty


LeCroy LC574AL 1GHz Oscilloscope with Options


LeCroy WaveSurfer 24Xs Oscilloscope, 200MHz, 2 GS/s, 4CH


LeCroy DDA-5005A XL 4-Channel Disk Drive Analyzer WaveMaster 8500 Oscilloscope


Lecroy LC684DXL Oscilloscope 1.5GHz with 10 inch screen in Excellent Condition!


Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3024 200MHz 4GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope | Factory Warranty


Lecroy Waverunner 6050A 500MHz 5GS/s oscilloscope.


Lecroy Waverunner 6050 500MHz 5GS/s oscilloscope.


LeCroy WaveRunner 44Xi-A 400MHz Oscilloscope 5 Gs/s Excellent Working Condition.




LeCroy WaveAce 222 Color Oscilloscope 200MHz 2 chan 2GS/s With 2 Of PP016 Probes


LeCroy WaveSurfer 454 500MHz 2GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope | Factory Calibration, MSURF


LeCroy 9354C 500MHz 4-Channel Oscilloscope GOOD!


LeCroy waveRunner 6030A 4 Channel 350 Mhz Oscilloscope


LeCroy LT264 Oscilloscope Waverunner 2 DSO + Software, 350MHz 1 GS/s Tested


Lecroy WavePro 7200A Digital Oscilloscope 7210A Addon, 7242B Module and Options




LeCroy WaveRunner 204MXi 2GHz 10GS/s 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope Tested Good


LeCroy 9354AM 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope w/ Power Cord - Working


Teledyne LeCroy WaveMaster 8500 5GHz DUAL 20GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope | Factory Cal


LeCroy 470MHz Analog Oscilloscope TESTED! HDTV, PAL, NTSC triggering PROBES 4 CH


LeCroy WaveSurfer 44XS-A 400MHz 2.5GS/s 4Ch Mixed Signal Oscilloscope | Loaded


Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 434 350MHz 2GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope | EU customers only


LeCroy LC334A 4 Channel 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope


LeCroy WaveAce 102 Digital Oscilloscope 60MHz 2ch 500MS/s max 4kpts/ch WARRANTY!


LeCroy Teledyne MS-500 500MHz, 2GS/s, 18Ch. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope MS500


LeCroy LC574AM 1GHz Oscilloscope Powers


LeCroy WaveAce 222 Color Oscilloscope 200MHz 2 chan 2GS/s 9kpts/ch WARRANTY!


Lecroy Wavepro 7200 Oscilloscope - 2 GHz, up to 20GS/s, 4 Ch.; Opt: DFP2, USB2


LECROY 9450A 300MHz Digital Oscillocope w/ all options, refurb tested good


Lecroy LSA1000 1Ghz 2GS/s Ethernet Digital Oscilloscope 2 Channels with Warranty


LeCroy LA303 200 MHz, 3 Ch. Analog Oscilloscope


LeCroy LC584AL 1GHz Oscilloscope 4 Channel Color Screen


LeCroy WaveJet 314A Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz 1GS/s 4 ch 500kpts/ch WARRANTY!